IROCKE is dedicated to organizing the global marketplace of live streaming concerts by connecting artists to audiences, and audiences to all the world’s stages. We aggregate, organize, and curate every live streaming concert listing, artist, and source on the globe, and deliver it free to music-loving consumers in an easy-to-use interface that seamlessly connects with their existing social networks.  In other words, we provide a comprehensive social infrastructure that digitally reproduces the physical concert world.

We didn’t start on the web.  Three years ago, at a small Southern California concert venue called Saint Rocke, we as independent venue owners decided to stream the scheduled live shows onto the internet as a means of gauging the digital appetite for live performances online.  At this time, there were but three venues in the entire United States that were live streaming their performances. Six months later, we streamed a live show in our 300 capacity room that was enjoyed by 110,000 people from 130 countries online, with over 7,250 chat messages contributed by the viewers in only 70 minutes. It was after that performance that we truly began to understand where the entire music industry was headed.

Today, there are over 2,000 live performances streamed monthly across many different platforms.  There are 150 million viewers who watch live video streams each month, a viewership projected to outgrow the American television market by 2014 as it reaches an estimated 314 million viewers.  Technology has given the music industry the necessary tools, in the form of live streaming technology, to break down the walls that limit the audience size and interaction for any single performance in a physical concert venue.  For the first time in history, artists can now perform anywhere at any time and connect with fans instantly across the world in real time.  As the live streaming and music concert markets converge, we believe that this new music-social marketplace will grow to be the central backbone of the music industry as it adapts to the Digital Age in such a way that finally benefits the artist and the larger industry alike.  We are positioning IROCKE to be at the epicenter of that marketplace, by defining and accelerating that marketplace.